The long awaited full length debut album, "Gears Of Progression" is finally here.

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Band history and other tidbits

Hailing from the land of mice, hurricanes, gators, roller coasters and space ships, this collective mind of musicians flirt with sonic explorations of prog, fusion, world, jazz, jam, and blues, bringing together their talents and diverse backgrounds to create bold and exciting instrumental based music.

“Improgroovinstrumetal”, if you will.

Formed in 2008, the power trio would undergo a few personnel changes before settling on the current lineup consisting of founding member Dan “Rod Z” Rodriguez on guitars, Ralph Gray on drums and percussion, and Juan R Leõn on bass, NS/Stick® and occasional Chapman Stick®. No leather, no makeup, no screaming vocals, not even a tease of rock and roll bravado. No, these guys are not about all that. The music is where you’ll get to know them. At times heavy and hard hitting, other times funky and eclectic..and still at other times infused with world and progressive sensibilities, Jupiter Groove is a kaleidoscope focused squarely on a musical landscape.

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August 11
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL
With Travis Larson & AudiohiveBuy Tickets
August 12
Shanghai Nobby's
St Augustine, FL
With Travis Larson Band, AudiohiveBuy Tickets
August 13
1904 Music Hall
Jacksonville, FL
With Travis Larson Band, Dave LaRue Band, AudiohiveBuy Tickets
Aug 24
The Henao Contemporary Art Center
Orlando, FL
W/ NundayoBuy Tickets
Aug 25
The Verona
New Port Richey, FL
Florida Prog FestBuy Tickets
Sept 15
Deland City Limits Taproom
Deland, FL
With Dave Larue BandBuy Tickets
Nov 16
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL
That Prog Metal Show W/ Auditory Armory, A Fine Line, Screaming At The Silence, OtherworldBuy Tickets
Nov 24
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
Maniacal Mojo's Super Colossal Bday ShowBuy Tickets
Dec 8
The Whirly Dome
Orlando, FL
Private EventBuy Tickets
Dec 14
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
W/ David Ellefson BasstoryBuy Tickets
Jan 13
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ Tony McAlpine and TBABuy Tickets
More Shows Coming Soon


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The New Album “Gears Of Progression” Out Now

The long awaited new album from Jupiter Groove is finally here!
Recorded during the fall of 2016, "Gears Of Progression" features 10 tracks of Jupiter Groove's signature sound.

What people are saying...

CD Baby Reviews

Best band you've not heard....Yet!
So ...i have to say..... these guys blew my mind...from the first track to the last and everything in between. From the obvious Rush influences to the 80's metal chug....this album has it all.. The musicianship is top notch. BUY THIS ALBUM! I promise you will not regret it... You also won't be able to keep it from being a fixture in you car ! Great sounding progressive metal in your ears!

Your New Favorite Album
Buy and Listen to a band with taste and flair that will quickly become your favorite Progressive Metal/Rock album.... This album has it all.... From the obvious Rush Influences and.a taste of 80's metal that will quench your ear bud pallet....

i-Tunes Reviews

If You Like Instrumental Rock, Get In Here!
Some of us have been waiting for this-- I'm happy to report it's worth it! Fantastic players writing actual songs. Leaving room for notes to breathe but knowing when to scorch the place for good measure is a sure sign you're dealing with pros... Ladies and gentlemen, feast your ears on Orlando's own Jupiter Groove-- long may you rock!!!

New Prog Releases Review

Hailing from Central Florida, the "improgroovinstrumetal" trio, Jupiter Groove, can be described as heavy and hard, funky and eclectic..and still at other times infused with world,fusion,space and prog-rock sensibilities.The 10 all instrumental compositions are imbued with a melodic, vocal quality and harmonic structure that is straightforward yet deceivingly complex. Punctuated with guitarist Dan Rodriguez's soaring, high-wire antic infused solos, Ralph Gray's gumbo of fusion, jazz, prog, metronomic precision drumming and Juan R Leon's rapid fire bass runs dripping with reckless abandon, the music is as diverse as the guys themselves.


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