My son and I shared tears today. Each one of us in his own way, miles apart but united in sadness and shock. We heard the news that Neil Peart, drummer, lyricist, author, and all around great human being, left us earlier this week.
I originally started out as a drummer living in a small desert town in Southern Cali. I never owned a drum set, let alone a single drum. I had the good fortune of having a great friend who would loan me his when I had the occasional gig. I played in high school marching band and sat in with my friends Al and Andrew for school recitals. I once subbed for my friend Mike on a country gig at Silly Al's Pizza in Ehrenberg, AZ. A frightening experience as I always considered myself a mediocre drummer. Mike and I would obsess over Neil's solo on Rush's "All The World's A Stage" and "Exit Stage... Left". We were amazed by Neil's chops, precision, odd meter, and crazy percussion which he often incorporated into, well, pretty much everything. I recall playing these solos for our band director, Mr Spoony" whom looked at us and remarked "That's no drummer, that's a percussionist!". Those solos are orchestrated journeys. Well crafted, thoughtful, and fucken amazing. I was influenced by Neil's writing and took to heart his disdain for lyrics and poetry that "rhymed for the sake of rhyming". I took that same credo with much aplomb as I began crafting my own lyrics and poetry. I still do and with every stroke of the pen (or key) I am forever conscience of Neil's influence on my own prose. When Neil put together the "Burnin' for Buddy" project, which payed tribute to drumming legend Buddy Rich, well I flipped. I had been a fan of Buddy since an early age (thanks mom!) and here was one of my heroes paying tribute to one of his heroes. To hear Neil, and other amazing drummers, play music that most of them were not known for was a special treat. Those are some of my favorite albums of all time.
Rush was, is, my biggest musical love. I was there with every morphing, through the straight rock era, prog era, keyboard heavy era, and back to the guitar based rock that 1st had Cleveland radio station WMMS listen and take notice back in 1974. I bought two Rickenbackers and 6 Jazz Basses because of Rush..looking for that crunchy tone. Jupiter Groove have at times been compared to Rush, although a compliment to be sure, I don't hear it. I suppose that any 3 piece rock band that even eludes to prog rock gets compared to Rush.
Neil was one of those drummers whom explored the whole of percussion as a vehicle to convey a sonic story. He sought, with rigorous passion and finesse, to craft and execute a symposium composed of "syncopated swing". He became a steward of his craft, a High Priest of his religion. He was the consummate perfectionist and one could hear it in every beat, in every space between beats. He made a proficient air drummer out of every Rush fan. Every steering wheel became a Tama drum set whenever "Tom Sawyer" blasted out of the after market Pioneer 6 x 9s in Camaros and Datsuns across the land. He is one of the greatest and most influential drummers of my lifetime, of anyone's lifetime. He is in my Holy Trinity of Trappistas along with Buddy Rich and Dave Weckl. When Rush called it quits in 2015 it galvanized a universe of fans and musicians. I didn't want it to end..no way. No one did. I got to see Rush on their final tour, R40, and it was a magical yet bittersweet experience. It was special in a way that no other Rush tour had been. There was something in the air..the cosmos..the whole of "musicdom" bristled with the energy..to borrow from Mr. Peart himself. Our clown princes of nerdy rock took a final bow and said "Thank you". We all knew that it was real, and final.
We have lost one of the most gifted musicians of this century. An influential drummer, lyricist, poet, author, and wonderful soul. I am saddened. This is my youth, my molding as a musician, my passion as a fan. It is a stark reminder, and that with the sharpest of blades, that "we are only immortal for a limited time".
Rest well, Professor. Thank you for enriching my life with your talents. For sharing with us the fruits of your undying labor. For allowing us to take part in your great Ghost Ride, and for being part of the soundtrack of my existence.

We bid Farewell to a Rhythm King.

Juan R Leon
Jan 10 2020

The long awaited full length debut album, "Gears Of Progression" is finally here.

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Band history and other tidbits

Hailing from the land of mice, hurricanes, gators, roller coasters and space ships, this collective mind of musicians flirt with sonic explorations of prog, fusion, world, jazz, jam, and blues, bringing together their talents and diverse backgrounds to create bold and exciting instrumental based music.

“Improgroovinstrumetal”, if you will.

Formed in 2008, the power trio would undergo a few personnel changes before settling on the current lineup consisting of founding member Dan “Rod Z” Rodriguez on guitars, Ralph Gray on drums and percussion, and Juan R Leõn on bass, NS/Stick® and occasional Chapman Stick®. No leather, no makeup, no screaming vocals, not even a tease of rock and roll bravado. No, these guys are not about all that. The music is where you’ll get to know them. At times heavy and hard hitting, other times funky and eclectic..and still at other times infused with world and progressive sensibilities, Jupiter Groove is a kaleidoscope focused squarely on a musical landscape.

A    R    E   A 5 1

Welcome to AREA 51 where we have a bit of material stashed away in cryogenic tubes that occasionally leak out a curiously purple ooze.

This section will serve as a “thank you” for visiting our site and spending a little time here. Every month, or thereabouts, we’ll enter the restricted zone, pry open a cryotube, and extract an exclusive live or alternate studio track that we’ve collected over the years. Sometimes raw, in the moment, and with the occasional surprise, but all very Groovy.


Don’t worry, we’ve cleaned all the ooze off.


Well, almost.


                                                 Sand Storm Rehearsal Track

This month’s offering saw the light of day briefly in the 1st days of Area 51. Maybe “briefly” is too generous as it only was available for about 2 days. Well, “tis the season” so here it is again.

“Sand Storm” has made it’s way into our live sets over the past 3 years in various forms. It features Dan on electric sitar and has a distinct Middle-Eastern vibe. Here is the original rehearsal track from 2016. Recorded on a Tascam D-40 in Ralph’s living room during an afternoon practice/jam session (we were signing copies of our album that day, hot off the presses!), this version is considerably longer and features Dan and Juan on two solos each. It’s most definitely “raw” and gives you a peek into our writing process. In fact, if you listen closely, you can hear Dan calling out the chord changes. We hope you enjoy it.


1. You can download the track by clicking on the artwork below. You will be redirected to a page with download options (such as mp3,mp4,OGG,WAV,etc).

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Sand Storm Rehearsal Track

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August 11
The Haven Lounge
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Shanghai Nobby's
St Augustine, FL
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August 13
1904 Music Hall
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Aug 24
The Henao Contemporary Art Center
Orlando, FL
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Aug 25
The Verona
New Port Richey, FL
Florida Prog FestBuy Tickets
Sept 15
Deland City Limits Taproom
Deland, FL
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Nov 16
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL
That Prog Metal Show W/ Auditory Armory, A Fine Line, Screaming At The Silence, OtherworldBuy Tickets
Nov 24
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
Maniacal Mojo's Super Colossal Bday ShowBuy Tickets
Dec 8
The Whirly Dome
Orlando, FL
Private EventBuy Tickets
Dec 14
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
W/ David Ellefson BasstoryBuy Tickets
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ Parallel Motion, The D.O.O.D., Duke Moon and The PhaseBuy Tickets
Mar 14
The Crowbar
Ybor City, FL
w/ Boheems & Acho BrotherBuy Tickets
Mar 16
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL
w/ Darkness by Design,Detoura, Somnent, Sigma 11Buy Tickets
Apr 19
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
Maniacal Mojo Presents: ELEVEN! A Guitar ShowcaseBuy Tickets
May 17
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ Dave LaRueBuy Tickets
May 24
Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL
w/ Felix Martin, Sarah LongfieldBuy Tickets
NEW DATE: June 8
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ Tony McAlpine, Monte Pittman, and TBABuy Tickets
July 13
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ YYNOTBuy Tickets
Aug 1
Will's Pub
Orlando, FL
w/ CHEW and DearestBuy Tickets
Aug 22
The Haven
Winter Park, FL
w/ Auditory Armory, A Pale Horse Named DeathBuy Tickets
Sept 21
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
w/ Virgel DonattiBuy Tickets
Oct 26
The Abbey
Orlando, FL
w/A Fine Line,The DEV,Auditory Armory,Silent EchoesBuy Tickets
Nov 9
West End Trading Co
Sandford, FL
Nov 16
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
Holiday Toy Drive (Part 2) w/ Dirrty Hairy, Rednek Messiah, Shadowed Truths, Dapper for Devereaux, Severed SunBuy Tickets
Dec 18
Universal Studios
Orlando, FL
Private EventBuy Tickets


Jan 30
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
W/ Michael Angelo BatioBuy Tickets
Feb 8
Orlando Brewing
Longwood, FL
W/ SugarlessBuy Tickets
Feb 21
Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL
W/Tony MacAlpineBuy Tickets
March 7
Sanford Music Festival
Sanford, FL
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The New Album “Gears Of Progression” Out Now

The long awaited new album from Jupiter Groove is finally here!
Recorded during the fall of 2016, "Gears Of Progression" features 10 tracks of Jupiter Groove's signature sound.

What people are saying...

CD Baby Reviews

Best band you've not heard....Yet!
So ...i have to say..... these guys blew my mind...from the first track to the last and everything in between. From the obvious Rush influences to the 80's metal chug....this album has it all.. The musicianship is top notch. BUY THIS ALBUM! I promise you will not regret it... You also won't be able to keep it from being a fixture in you car ! Great sounding progressive metal in your ears!

Your New Favorite Album
Buy and Listen to a band with taste and flair that will quickly become your favorite Progressive Metal/Rock album.... This album has it all.... From the obvious Rush Influences and.a taste of 80's metal that will quench your ear bud pallet....

i-Tunes Reviews

If You Like Instrumental Rock, Get In Here!
Some of us have been waiting for this-- I'm happy to report it's worth it! Fantastic players writing actual songs. Leaving room for notes to breathe but knowing when to scorch the place for good measure is a sure sign you're dealing with pros... Ladies and gentlemen, feast your ears on Orlando's own Jupiter Groove-- long may you rock!!!

New Prog Releases Review

Hailing from Central Florida, the "improgroovinstrumetal" trio, Jupiter Groove, can be described as heavy and hard, funky and eclectic..and still at other times infused with world,fusion,space and prog-rock sensibilities.The 10 all instrumental compositions are imbued with a melodic, vocal quality and harmonic structure that is straightforward yet deceivingly complex. Punctuated with guitarist Dan Rodriguez's soaring, high-wire antic infused solos, Ralph Gray's gumbo of fusion, jazz, prog, metronomic precision drumming and Juan R Leon's rapid fire bass runs dripping with reckless abandon, the music is as diverse as the guys themselves.


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